Recycling Facts:

In North America, we produce enough garbage each day, to fill 70,000 garbage trucks. Lined up bumper to bumper, over a year, they would stretch halfway to the moon.

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We believe our neighbors want to contribute to a greener environment. We believe more people would recycle if offered a convenient weekly curbside pickup service. We believe our success is directly linked to our dependable, courteous and friendly service.

If you already recycle, let us take the hassle out of having to transport and sort them. If you don’t recycle, now is the perfect time to start. It has never been so easy to recycle! Be part of the solution and reduce the amount of recyclables dumped in our landfill.

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Mission Statement:

Our mission is to increase the tonnage of recyclables in your neighbourhood, by offering a weekly curbside pickup service. 
We believe most people want to recycle, but find it a hassle to having to transport the recyclables to the blue bins every week