Welcome to The Blue Run

The Blue Run has been in operation since May 2007, assisting residents and businesses alike, in achieving their 'green' initiatives. Our objective is to redirect recycling material from our landfill by offering an affordable and reliable pickup service.

In our experience most people want to contribute to a greener environment. We believe more organizations would recycle if offered a convenient pickup service. Our success is directly linked to our dependable, courteous and friendly service.

Call (506) 657-BLUE (2583) to discuss your recycling needs!

About The Blue Run

The Blue Run supports municipal initiatives towards curbside pickup. Afterall, The Blue Run was initially created to provide single residential curbside pickup in Millidgeville.

We understand that change is inevitable and we must adapt to our community’s changing needs. Our competitive advantage is in our ability to customize our service offering for each customer, and to respond quickly to their changing needs.

Something that has not changed is that we will continue to service the Greater Saint John region.

Our commitment to quality, customer service and competitive pricing is conducive to establishing and building a long-term working relationship with our customers. Simply put “we strive to do what we promise”. That’s who we are.


As municipalities move towards curbside recycling pickup, the Fundy Solid Waste Commission blue bins will no longer be an option for recycling. Without the blue bins, multi-family residents and businesses will be left with the option of bringing their recycling material to Fundy Solid Waste or worse yet … stop recycling.

The Blue Run is well positioned to offer a viable 3rd option. Let us become your recycling partner. Our agility to change gives us the strength to think outside “traditional” waste pick up parameters. We encourage our customers to support local by obtaining recycling containers from local retailers. If customers ask us to purchase containers on their behalf, no problem. We simply do so and set them up at no additional cost or markup. We are in the business of collecting recycling material and not in the business of selling recycling containers.

Our service price varies depending on the volume of recycling material and accessibility. The easier it is to do business with our customers the more competitive our pricing. Customer site visits are recommended to ensure proper recycling setup and pickup efficiency. It doesn’t cost anything to do a site visit other than your time.

Call us today or send us an email asking how The Blue Run can align its pickup service with your recycling needs today. Keep in mind when you partner with The Blue Run today you have the advantage of knowing The Blue Run will adapt with your recycling changing needs in the future.

Value Add

The Blue Run has the knowledge and experience to ensure a successful recycling program in your multi family residential building or office. We have recycling educational resources available to help inform tenants and employees “What to recycle” and “What not to recycle”.

The use of signage on recycling containers and posting literature on bulletin boards have proven to be effective in ensuring a successful recycling campaign. We have recycling literature in PDF format available for our customers at no additional cost. The Blue Run will work with landlords and employers to help educate how easy it is to recycle before we schedule our first pick up. We are committed to working with our customers to ensure recycling is a positive experience. Our customers have access to The Blue Run team by phone and leaving a message or by email. The literature and customer support are built into our pick-up service price. We believe it is our responsibility to work with our customers to address their recycling concerns and it should be done as a value add … not as an additional cost.

Contact The Blue Run

Call (506) 657-BLUE (2583) to discuss your recycling needs!

Phone: (506) 657-BLUE (2583)
Email: info@thebluerun.com

Glass can be recylced and manufactured and infinite number of times.
The 4 R's of Recycling
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist residents and businesses in their efforts to divert recycling material from waste disposal, thereby extending the lifecycle of our Fundy Sold Waste facility in Crane Mountain.